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In a divorce case, what does this mean: "Notice of Cont. Dismissal Lack of Juris."?

Baltimore, MD |

Following divorce proceedings, an entry in the MD judicial case for the divorce has the above statement, as well as "Order for Alternative Service". Does this mean that the Defendant didn't respond, and so it is a notice by the Plaintiff of the court decision?

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Honestly, from what you have written, it is hard to determine what is going on. You should call the Clerk of Court to interpret the Notice. What it appears to me to be is: Notice of Contemplated Dismissal for Lack of Jurisdiction". The "Order for Alternative Service" fills in the missing piece of your puzzle.

It appears that you filed your case Pro Se, and that you have failed to effect service upon your spouse (Google "Service of Process"). So, the Court is warning you that unless you request a reissue of Summons, and re-attempt service upon your spouse, the Court will dismiss your case because there is no case until the soon to be ex-spouse is served.

Now if you have tried to effect service several times and failed, then a Motion for Alternative Service must be filed with the Court. Otherwise, again, the Court will dismiss your case because there is no case until the soon to be ex-spouse is served via alternative methods.

Hey... go get an attorney to help you. You really do need some help here, or you may find yourself starting over from scratch and still married.

I am not licensed to practice law in Georgia. You should seek GA barred counsel for legal advice. This response is for educational purposes only and is in no way to be deemed a legal opinion of Counsel. This answer is in no way to be considered that you have retained my services as your attorney.


It means that the Court will dismiss your case if you don't properly serve the Defendant with the Writ of Summons and Complaint. If you are having trouble serving him or her, then you will need to file a Motion for Alternative Service stating the attempts you have made to serve the Defendant and why he or she has not been served. Then the court will issue an Order for Alternative Service where they usually post the information on the sheriff's door and it is considered "good" service.

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