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In a divorce can a party use animals to protect the land from divorcing spouse

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I know a woman owning a chicken hatchery that is getting ready to go through a divorce he told he he is going to find a way to pay off the remaining 3,400 dollars owed then force her to sell the land and give him half. is there any way she can use the birds in court to keep her business as well as the land her business is on with it being her home as well?

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I would think that she can "buy him out." That would allow her to keep everything, except the money she pays him. Agreeing on a value is going to be the tricky part, and perhaps coming up with the funds to pay him off.

James Frederick

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It is seemingly marital and divisible by the court. She can refinance and pay him his marital portion what ever the court decides that portion is.

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