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In a current IV-D case where child support has already been ordered to be pay through an Income Deduction Order, does a

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separate Income Deduction Order have to be signed by a judge when a new order lowering child support has been awarded?

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I would say "yes" and you need to make sure that the Order does get entered or your employer will continue to withhold the greater amount. I would check with the judge's judicial assistant to see if they prepare an amended IDO. They might with pro se parties but you need to make sure that your employer receives it as well. Make sure to follow up right away......good luck.

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DOR now uses IWOs, or Income Withholding Orders under the new statute. A new one needs to be signed by the IV-D Hearing Officer. Good luck.

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Yes, a new Income Withholding Order for Support does need to be entered.

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Yes, you need to be proactive to ensure that a new order is entered. Once the money is paid, there is no guarantee that you will get it back. You can find a Florida Supreme Court issued Income Deduction Order template at

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