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In a accident and received a failure to maintain lane citation

Blue Ridge, GA |

We had been traveling behind a car for over 5 miles when 100 hundred feet before a turn off he slams his breaks on to turn off. We were over two car lengths behind him but I slammed my breaks on to avoid hitting him and we went into a spin and our vehicle clipped a utility trailer in the opposite lane. Georgia state patrol gave me a citation for failure to maintain lane. He said if I hit the car in front I would have got a citation for following to cllose. How and can I fight this? I just don't see how I can get cited when I was spinning.

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I think you accidentally entered your question twice by mistake friend.



I was told to enter it in two different forums. I clicked on the link given and just copied and pasted it again. Sorry


You can obviously go to court and try to argue the citations, however they will likely stick. If you had been following at a proper distance you would have been able to stop in an orderly fashion and wouldn't have ended up spinning out into another lane. Obviously you were attempting to avoid rear-ending the person in front of you, which is good, but you still failed to maintain your lane.

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There is no automatic legal presumption against you, but as a practical matter I think you will lose this one in traffic court. I hope you have reported the incident to your insurance carrier, which will be obligated to provide coverage and a defense for the claims against you which are likely coming.

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