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In 2006, I was accused of theft and terminated from my job. It's 2013 and I was just found not guilty. Can I sue for defamation?

South Bend, IN |

I lived 1 block away from the place I worked, so I'm not sure why the warrant was never issued to me literally for 6 years. Since my termination, I wasn't able to find any steady jobs, and now I know why, because I had a felony on my background checks and didn't even know it. I am currently starting the process of getting the Felony charge off of my record, but I need money to do so. Do I have a chance and what would the ballpark be for compensation?

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You need to speak with an attorney that handles defamation claims. Your question givens no information and a defamation lawyer will need the details of your case to determine if you have a claim, who any potential claim may be against, and the extent to which you may be able to recover.

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Very likely the time limits for bringing a defamation case have long passed. Confirm by consultation with a local defamation or employment attorney.

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In most states, the time period for bringing a defamation action is one, butr no more than 2 years and usually commences to run from the date of the "publication" of the defamatory remark (whether verbally or in writing). You face a likelihood that you are barred from commencing a defamation action given the passage of 6 years, but consult an attorney in your area to see if the delay in the resolution of the criminal action acts to give you an extension of time.

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