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In 2001,I was an innocent victim of a crime. The court ordered the defendant to pay $34,000 plus in restitution.

Charlotte, NC |

I have never received a dime. How can I go about enforcing the court's ruling and get the money that was owed?

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The person is probably long finished with probation. The restitution should have been converted to a civil judgement. Talk to a civil attorney about how hard it is to collect a civil judgement. But you need to talk to a civil attorney.
Good luck getting blood out of a turnip. You need to try to assess whether it is worth pursuing economically or not by determining if the person has any assets


If the defendant has the money, you can get at it. If he's broke, you're not likely to recover anything. In some jurisdictions, restitution orders can be transferred into civil judgments and collected upon in civil court. Discuss this with an attorney in the Charlotte area that either do criminal and are familiar with restitution orders or civil attorneys familiar with judgment collection.

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