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In 1983, I was charged with intent to defraud the State of Texas (long story) but I was given deferred adjudication and 1 year

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of supervised probation. If I successfully completed probation (which I did) then the charge was dismissed (which it was). How would this show up in background checks and would I benefit from having this record sealed as far as employment is concerned or would it even matter because it was so long ago and I shouldn't even bother?

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Typically a person doing a background search will see the arrest and the dismissal. You can probably get it sealed in the State of Texas. I recommend speaking to an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you through the process.

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What you are most likely entitled to is an "order of non-disclosure" which technically does not take it off of your record but can keep it from coming up on public background checks like it does now.

A lawyer will be able to check your specific case resolution and tell you how completely they can conceal the history of your criminal record.