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Implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose?

New Lenox, IL |

I transferred to a local junior collage for the fall semester of 2008, and I went to a counselor to help me sign up for classes. I can not fit all the details with the character limit, but I told her everything she would need to know to correctly sign me up for classes. It turned out she signed me up for two classes I did not need, and I will now need to take an extra semester of school.

Would this fit under the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose?

I think I should at least get the cost of the classes and books, but is it unreasonable to try to get money for the extra time I need to be in school? It will be an extra 6 months without working with a degree.

How should I approach them? Should I talk to the counselor or someone else?

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No, the warranty you speak of does not apply.

I would try to work it out with the school. You have a colorable argument for some reimbursement, but to fully work out an answer for you a lot more facts are necessary.


I don't understand why you don't pick your own classes. You have to understand the school's requirements and plan accordingly. Your school may be willing to work with you, but you don't have a case that I see.

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