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Implied Consent Violation, Background Checks

Bloomington, IL |

I am an IL resident and have an implied consent violation from the state of Wisconsin on my driving records (I do not have DUI/OWI, only implied consent violation). Unlike my home state of IL, Wisconsin treats implied consent violations and DUI as civil offenses. I ran my drivers records and the record states "out of state conviction leading to suspension." I have recently been offered a very good job contingent on a background check. I know most companies in IL will only run criminal background checks not civil. Since my implied consent violation was in Wisconsin and not a criminal charge in Wisconsin is it safe to assume that if an IL company runs a criminal background check on me it will not show up? Thanks in advance for you replies.

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You should pose this question to a Wisconsin lawyer. They would probably know if these matters show up on criminal background checks.


I'd expect it to show up. Almost everything does now.



Ok to update, I was told they are running criminal check for felonies and misdemeanors, they are not running driving record. They they are only doing checks in counties I have lived in. The county i received the implied consent violation is a county i do not live in and have never lived in. I am thinking this wont show up. Again, they are doing a criminal background check, i have not committed a criminal offense. Any thoughts?


Call the Wisconsin court clerk and ask for a list of referral traffic attorneys who practice in that jurisdiction, then pose the aboveissue to them for a more accurate opinion.

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