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Impact of Connecticut DMV license suspension (for BAC test refusal) in Virginia?

Vienna, VA |

I'm from Virginia and got a first ever DUI in Connecticut. I avoided criminal charges because of the diversion program in CT, but there is a six-month DMV-imposed license suspension for refusing the BAC test. My question is what Virginia will do in response to the 6 month administrative (non-criminal) suspension in Connecticut.

Will Virginia just honor the Connecticut suspension or will it impose additional penalties even though there will be no conviction in Connecticut?

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Attorney answers 1


Virginia DMV response is not always consistent. I can tell you that a Refusal charge in Virginia carries a one year loss of license with no chance for a restricted license for that year. A first refusal in Virginia is also not a criminal offense, but civil.

Watch your mail. My best guess is that Virginia DMV will suspend your license for a year.