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Immigration reform and family visa

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Will siblings of U.S. citizens still be eligible for family-based green cards?
No. The Senate immigration bill will eliminate visas for brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens within 18 months of when it goes into law. It will also
strike visas for children of U.S. citizens who are married and over 31 years old.

Are there any changes to family-based visas??
But 18months after the law takes effect, visas for siblings of citizens and permanent residents would be eliminated, as would visas for adult married children over 30

My question is : could you explain more, what will happen for F4 and F3 family visa... if the bill pass?

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We have no idea. it is only an outline which 8 people and their staff decided to put out. Only they know more. You should contact an office of one of the eight Senators and inquire.

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NO. We can't explain more. We don't know. There is no NEW law at this time. The "proposed" law will be unveiled at a press conference today . We have a long way to go before anyone knows what the final legislation will look like, if and when we get it.

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We must be patient. A bill is just a bill. It has to be approved by both houses of Congress and then signed by the President. Until we see that set of circumstances, it's best not to speculate.


IF the bill passes, and IF the language remains the same, there would no longer be immigrant visas for siblings, and only married adult sons and daughters of USC who are 30 years old or younger would qualify for an immigrant visa.

BUT, as my colleagues said, this is only a bill. Nothing is said and done until, AND ONLY UNTIL the bill is approved by Congress and signed by the President. Until then, it's best not no be hung up on its text too much.

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