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Immigration Reform,,,,I know nothing has passed yet.,,,,WHAT DO YOU THINK????

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Does Immigration Reform include laws just for Hispanic people or Does it include laws for FAMILY CATEGORIES(like F4 category) too,,,,, I mean about moving faster than before or something like that.
I know nothing has passed yet.

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The House of representatives has indicated that it will not pas a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill. Rather, it will pass a string of piecemeal bills addressing immigration. These changes probably will not speed up the F-4 category, but may offer alternatives to someone waiting years for a priority date. Stay tuned.

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Thanks for your response sir, Could you example what alternatives they may offer???


Your guess is as good as mine.



Thanks sir What do you think?


The most important current proposal is Senate Bill 744 - you can read about it online at

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Thanks for your response Does IR affect F4 category to move faster than before? Cuz i have been waiting 9 years in F4 category???

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