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Immigration Reform......Some Important Dates

Anaheim, CA |

I have a question about some of the important dates with the current Immigration Reform Bill in discussion, where I can't find an answer......

IF, IF, the current immigration bill becomes a law..... what will happen with immigrants who overstay their visas somewhere in 2013 (and become unlawfully present, of course), but entered the U.S. on or before December 31, 2011? Can they be eligible for RPI status?

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Wait for the final version of the law, everything else is just a speculation.


This question cannot be answered at the present time. The House has to pass the bill and they can make many significant changes to it before it is passed. So we must wait and see.

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I agree with my colleagues. Once the final version is introduced, we the immigration attorneys will be more than happy to explain/discuss. For now, be hopeful.


That cannot be determined at this time. Everything depends on what the House will do with the current version of the bill that the Senate has voted on. The House will most likely make major changes to the version the Senate has created. I do believe Immigration reform will happen sometime in the next few months. We will have to wait and see what the final version of the bill will look like.

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