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Immigration question: son born in Canada. Mom US citizen. US Passport ofc not accepting proof. Can he be deported?

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Immigration question: Steve was born in Toronto, Canada. Mom is US citizen w Indiana birth certificate, but birth place is not listed on Long Form Birth Cert. Can he be deported? Should he apply for visa? Can he keep his job in US of 10 years? Were under witness victim protection w several murders in family. 1989 document lists my birthplace of LaPorte, Indiana but it is a photocopy. US passport refuses it. Service Ontario says sealed records, judges ruling stricken from all records in the name of protection. Yet they did not forward my birthplace on current records and refuse to change anything because under 1989 ruling the records were totally wiped out. "Would not happen that way in this day and age", but it sure happening to us! Please call mom, Heather Johnson 540-290-485

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Please remove the names/contact info above -- you want to keep your personal information as confidential as possible. About your question, you would need to have a long discussion with an immigration attorney to answer your question as there are a lot of moving parts here. Make an appointment and bring in all of your documents. Best of luck.

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It seems like this may be resolved but you need to schedule a private consultation with an immigration attorney to figure it out as the details really matter here. Best of luck.


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