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Immigration law CR-1 visa form I-864a I need help answering questions 10, and 11 on form I-864a for joint sponsors spouse.

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At my wife's CR-1 interview she received a 221g stating that an I-864a from the joint sponsors spouse needs to be submitted. My father (the joint sponsor) files joint taxes with my mother. My mother has no income and all the income stated on the tax returns are from my father's business. Furthermore my father has already completed the I-864 and I-864a stating his income. This is the way i plan on filling the form.

On question #10 My current individual annual income is: N/A because she makes no income and is unemployed

On question #11 Federal income tax information: This is the question that really confuses me! Where it asks for total income do i put zero since my mom has no income or do i put the total income stated on the tax returns even though its my father's income?

Thank you!

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If your mother does not have any income, then she should not have to file any forms for sponsorship.

That being said, it would be best to consult with an experienced Immigration Attorney to make sure that all of the immigration forms that reflect your individual situation are submitted correctly. Also, if the U.S. Embassy is mistaken, an attorney representing you can help to explain to the consular officials which documents need to be submitted and why.

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Unfortunately, without seeing the actual paperwork, and the IRS returns, it is very difficult to provide assistance here. Please go see an immigration lawyer - even if it costs you a few moments and a few dollars, you will find it to be money well spent if you have the paperwork completed correctly.

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Given that the co-sponsor is married and has a wife living with him in the same household (your mother) the co-sponsor had to submit the "A" supplement to his I-864 Affidavit: the "Contract Between Sponsor And Household Member". She does not need to have any income herself to be able to sign it. It's not that; the legal purpose of making the "household member" (usually the spouse) of a co-sponsor is to assure that that person will cooperate with the sponsorship process and not to anything to either "impair or hamper" the co-sponsor's ability to meet his co-sponsorship responsibilities, if need be.
If you are still confused on how to have your mother correctly fill out that Supplement A, then consult with a local immigration lawyer for help.

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