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Immigration/criminal lawyers please help Immediately!

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My husband has Permenant Residence with conditions from Morocco, we have been married 2 years. last night he was arrested for AS11.41.220: Assault 3 Degree of Offense Class C Felony
Charge Dscr AS11.56.745: Interfere w/ Report of DV Crime Degree of Offense Class A Misdemeanor.He has requested a Public defender, will he automatically be deported? He has pleaded innocent. My family wants to make sure he is deported, I do not want him to get deported, I did not call the cops, it was my brother who did. WHen the cops interviewed me I could not lie to them because of obvious bruises. My husband is in enough trouble I do not want him deported.What are the chances of him being forced to leave with my family getting involved hiring an attorney involving USCIS and the charges against him?

I just want to know in similiar cases do people usually get deported? Thank you for your help.

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The Public Defender representing your husband must be aware of the immigration consequences of any possible disposition of your husband's case. Most Public Defenders do not have detailed understanding in this area.

Your husband has issues relating to removability for conviction of a crime of domestic violence, crime involving moral turpitude [felony or misdemeanor], crime of violence which could be an aggravated felony depending on the sentence imposed, whether your husband will have any relief available if he is put into removal proceedings. What I'm saying is that the issues are complicated. Consult with an immigration lawyer. Be prepared to pay for assistance. Don't just hope the Public Defender knows what he's doing.

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Such cases cannot be answered unless you get an immigration lawyer research and prepare an advisory opinion. Sorry to hear about the situation.

Good Luck
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