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Immigration court

Orlando, FL |

I am married since 2006, I went to two interview, never got approved for my green card, but also never ben denied. I just got letter from USCIS that they can not proccess my application (485) due to incorrect amount and sent check for. Now my case go to immigration court. Is that bad think? Should I get lawyer>??

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It is imperative you obtain legal representation for the immigration court proceedings.

If you are in a valid marriage you should be able to overcome the challenge.

You are welcome to contact me to discuss your case if you would like an effective legal representation.



Yes, you should get a lawyer. Immigration Court is not a place to be fooling around. Retain an experienced immigration attorney to represent you before the Court. The government is represented by an attorney. You should be too.


You definitely need a lawyer. If your marriage is a real marriage you will be able to get your green card, but now that you are in deportation proceedings it will be much more complicated. Yes, it is a bad thing because if you do not get a lawyer you will probably get deported.

Even if they could not approve the I-485 they should have approved the I-130 filed by your spouse (unless your spouse is Cuban and you applied under the Cuban Adjustment Act).

We would be happy to assist you with this.

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