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Immigration: How do i know if i should file a I-601 form when applying for adjust of status for my husband?

Miami, FL |

My husband and i got married in 2010, I have an approved i-130 and now i want to apply for greencard. just wanted to know if the i-601form is necessary for my husband.

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Attorney answers 2


The I601 is a waiver for various inadmissibility grounds. Not only is more information needed but you should be working with an attorney in these matters. For a free consultation follow the link and fill out the form on my website or just give me a call.


I agree with the previous answer. You only file the I-601 if you are seeking a waiver of inadmissibilty. If you are concerned that your husband might need to file for a waiver, you should definitely be seeking the advice of an immigration attorney.



We received a letter from the immigration officer stating that it would need to be filed. And we have an "attorney" per se but we want other opinions because she just might be interested in her $$.