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Immigration, car loan without SSN, social security number

Omaha, NE |

I am a international student holding an F1 Visa, I don't have SSN and ITIN. Is it possible for me to get an auto loan? Or do I have to pay in full?

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There is no legal requirement that a borrower has an SSN or ITIN. If you can convince someone to lend you money, your lack of an SSN or ITIN should not be a legal barrier. However, depending on how much money you are borrowing, you likely will find few if any who would lend to a person without a verifiable credit history.

Moreover, you likely will have to produce a driver's license and proof of insurance before the car dealer will let you drive off. Without an SSN, you likely cannot get a driver's license.


You will need to have a driver's license and an insurance card to leave the car lot. In theory, it is possible to get a loan without a SSN, however, the major loan companies will not give you one without a SSN.