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Immigrant spouse did not file an AR-11 after moving in July and his I-751 is still in pending status.

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What happens if he never files this form or contacts USCIS to let them know of a change in address?

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He should file form AR-11 ASAP. He can also do a change of address online at If his I-751 is approved without an interview then his green card will be send to his old address. If he is sent a notice of interview to the old address and he does not show up for the interview then his petition is automatically denied and he might be put into removal proceedings.

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You can file it now.



This person should file the AR-11 at the USCIS website now. At the same time he should update his address in connection with the pending I-751, also done online. If this is not done and the I-751 is approved, the new green card will be mailed to the old address and returned as undeliverable. Also, the U.S. citizen spouse must file Form I-865 to update her new address in connection with the affidavit of support.


He could have problems later on for failure to comply with the requirements of immigration law.

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