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Immigrant. How long can I stay in america before going back to Philippines to continue my study. Plan to stay there for 5 months

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I am a new immigrant. Just arrived here in CA on 3/31/10. I just received my green card and went back to Philippines on 5/1/10 to continue my school. I plan to stay there for 5 months. Is this going to affect my LPR (Legal Permanent Residents) status if I only stayed in america for 1 month and 5 months in the philippines?I have ss number, us address, CA ID, and us bank account. Thank you.

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This is a tricky question. In fact, if you stay outside the US for more than 6 months, there is a presumption of abandonment, for one year, it might be considered abandonment. I will advise you to file for a re-entry permit in case you want to stay outside for longer. I will recommend meeting with a lawyer to analyze your situation not to jeopardize your green card in the future.

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