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Im tiff im so nervous but im being charged withintention to burglury n perafonelia but thier both misadmenors will it affect my

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immiration process i was caught up in the wrong time wrong people n onlyone wh stayed thier was me cuz i thought thier was cameras provingi was basically blamed for wat the other grls tokk but wernt thier when cops got thier i didnt flee but bcuz i didnt hav to if i didnt steal anything but cops took me n booked luky me i had never had a problem with the law or ever even had a ticket im 23yrs old so court let me go under O.R release n gave me 3 yrs of informal probation n im also under protection bcuz im separted from my husband being a U.S citizen bcuz of domestic violence n i have 2 children with him which are also u.s citizen ive been in this country since i wa 4 months ol which means ive been here about 23 yrs n done all the way from pre kinder to high school graduate so im i doome

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You should immediately speak to a lawyer who handles immigration matters. It is unclear if you plead guilty to the charges or were placed in some type of diversion program. Good luck.


It would serve you well to speak to both a criminal defense attorney and an immigration attorney to discuss all aspects of your case. It is difficult to decipher what happened in your case.

Were you represented by a public defender or did you just accept an offer from the court without any representation?

You are very young to have these offenses on your record, and you may face problems down the road with this type of record. Discuss this with an attorney as soon as possible to clarify your concerns.


Here is what I am assuming: you plead guilty or no contest to a PC 459 burglary and a HS11364 for possession of drug paraphernalia, both misdemeanors, and received 3 years of informal probation. You also may have filed a VAWA claim based upon the history of domestic violence. You need to consult with an immigration attorney immediately, because, the burglary charged may not be a problem depending on the sentence you received, but the paraphernalia could trigger the drug conviction rules. good luck.