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Im returning to work from workers comp

Madison Heights, MI |

I got hurt at work on april 09 2012, went on WORKERS COMP and recieved my checks until 9-10-12, my doctor released me without restrictions, because i wanted to go back to work and get my life back in order, well my work will not accept me back( even though im not fired)I have my release papers to go back to work. I talked to my work comp adjuster and he said he cannot understand why there not letting me come to work, my work comp guy has talked to my work twice today and told them i should be working right now, I called my human resource department and she said she wants to see my transcripts from my doctor and my physical therapy papers, and said i should have not told my nurse case manager that she could come in the room with me, and said this is on you.I think im being discriminated .

I dont know what to do? my work comp guy told me to file for unemployment and that way i will have some income, and my work comp guy said he will gather all my info from my doctor and send to my work, but I thought i had rights about my medical history was between me and my doctor and work comp, not my employer? My work comp told me that all my work needed was a release form from my doctor stating that i can work and thats it... Its got me and my work comp guy confused and cant believe what my job is doing? they are a huge company with about 500 employees, so please any info would help im totally confused..thanks and god bless

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