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Im on ptd for abuse of controlled subs. I am prescribed with anti depressant and oxycodone by my pain doctor

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I am attending counseling sessions and 2 months prior to my last session i was extended for 9 sessions because on the ramdon drug test, the anti depressant drug im taking did not show on the result only the oxycodone. They think im flushing off but how could that be when oxycodone was postive. I rested my cAse and just took another 9 sessions. On my last day of class, they did a drug test and i passed it. After a week the counseling grp called me and said i tested postive on hydrocodone. I am 100% sure i am not taking those pills and besides i already have oxycodone which are stronger than hydrocodone for my pain problems. Now they wanted me to have another 12 sessions. They are making me think that its all business that matters.. I pay$18 every session. I want my life back

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Stick to your program, go to your sessions, and you will get your life back.

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There is no claim for medical malpractice from your description.

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The sessions certainly couldn't hurt. Good luck.

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