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Im on probration

Monroe, GA |

im on probation for dui this is my first offense im unable to pay my fines because i do not have a job im trying my hardest to find one if i go back in front of the judge hat could happen?

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Before you get your probation revoked, file a motion asking the Judge to let you work off your fines by performing additional community service. The Judge has the authority to do this. This will be hard to do on your own. Ask the attorney that represented you about this. Otherwise, sometimes probation officers will point you in the right direction. In the meantime, report to probation every time you are told to and make your best efforts at paying this off.


You may be able to convert some of your fines into community service hours, depending on your judge and your jurisdiction. The most important thing is to communicate with your probation officer about your job search, and hopefully they'll work with you on this--assuming they believe what you tell them.

If the probation officer files for a revocation of your probation, you may need an attorney to help negotiate that situation and avoid jail time.


Judges know what the economy is like. As long as you can show you are making every effort to pay, they will work with you. You should ask about doing extra community service for credit towards your fines. Many judges will allow this at about $10 per hour of service.


Find a local practicing criminal defense professional to bring an appropriate Motion to Amend Probation if statutorily possible to reflect your financial hardship and possible qualify for other equitable ways to meet the court mandate to have some attached legal responsibility to pay for that infraction like SWAP, community service etc.

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