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Im on probation for 6 months but i got arrested for traffic violations what can i do to stay out of jail?

Athens, GA |

Im on Probation for theft, and its only 6 months and i got caought driving with no license or insuranse but i was just driving to the gas station because my girlfriend got sick an was having an axiety attack. How can i not go to jail

I really want to stay out of jail. What can i do???

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If you are on reporting proabtion and the second incident resulted in you being arrested and your fingerprints taken, it is likely the proabation officer will find out about the secind incident. In this situation, I would hire an attorney. The attorney may be able to contact the probation officer and schedule a walk in hearing in front of the judge. A walk in hearing with a VERY good excuse for driving may allow you to avoid jail time.


In all likelihood, you'll have to attend a probation revocation hearing. You'll have a chance to plead your case, and you should have your girlfriend accompany you (with medical records in tow) to verify your reasons for driving. It would also be a good idea to make sure that all of your probation fines and fees are current. If you've got no other outstanding charges, and you haven't had to attend any prior revocation hearings, there's a good chance you can avoid jail time.

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