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Im in reno nevada and i just violated my informal probation. how long will i go to jail, if i hire an attorney will it help.

Reno, NV |

i have 2 marijuana charges both misdemeanors and i just violated my probation with a soliciting charge.

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Your lawyer should argue that the new case is just an allegation and should not serve as a basis to revoke your probation and original negotiation. Ultimately, you probably will resolve both matters globally depending on the viability of your defense to the solicitation charge.

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Hiring a private attorney will almost surely be better. You're going to have a revocation hearing.

In Nevada the max would be 6 months per misdemeanor but in practice it would likely be less, if any. It would depend on how far you got through your probation, the specifics of the new case, which level of court you're in, etc.

Clark County, Nevada practitioner.