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Im in a verbal contract with a magazine company who lied to me to get me to agree they say I can't cancel how can i get out.

Shakopee, MN |

They called me claiming to be part of my current company say they where changing my payment I told them that the payment i have is fine they said they are doing this for everyone that i had to do it. I live in MN and the compay is in CO. I have called them and they refuse saying they can't cancel my account with them. They do have the conversation recored but its only the ending after the lieing was done. they already took one payment and i would like my money back.

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You can try filng a dispute of the charges with your credit card company (assuming that you used a credit card for the purchase) to get the recurring charge stopped. Also, try filing a complaint with the consumer protection arm of your state attorney general's office, and you could also contact local media to report this deceptive practice and see if any reporter or consumer ombudsman (with TV, radio, or newspaper) would be interested in following up. Even though the company is in another state, if it does business in your state your local authorities can get jurisdiction to act against the company in your location.

With situations such as yours, the offending company generally uses this type of technique with many people. If you complain and your authorities can find others in similar situations, the leverage of many dissatisfied customers can get results. In addition, since this is the type of scam generally directed against older adults, if you are above age 65 many states have rules that increase penalties for using deceptive practices with older adults.

Of course, as with all of my online answers, my advice is limited by the brevity of your question and the facts provided. Additional information would be required to provide definitive legal advice, so this answer isn't intended to, and does not, create an attorney-client relationship.

Good luck!