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Im i in big trouble with the law or the fbi?

Fresno, CA |

i accidently went on what i thought was a safe imageboard.its called anonib(dot)com. i didnt see anything out of the ordinary until i read on other sites that it is notorious for having illegal cp.its not until the second time i found out that it has cp, not that i seen any. i only went on it twice. i thought about reporting it to the fbi website, but it turns out that it has been raided by the fbi before. it could just be rumors but supposedly the fbi keeps the site up to keep track of those who visited the site. it wouldnt matter anyway because since i visted the fbi website, they have a history of all the pages i visited, not that im worried about that because i didnt or never visted any cp sites. the thing im worried about is that would i still be in trouble? srry im just very paranoid

i also wanted to add that i never downloaded anything or saw an image of anything that depicted cp on the site. i just found out by doing research on the site itself because of the wierd web interface. i remember reading the FAQ on saying that it doesnt allow cp, but with all research i did about the site. many ex users of the site was saying that it was just a lie so the moderators wont get in trouble.

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What is a CP Site?

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child porn


Acquiring child pornography is an excellent way to attract the attention of law enforcement. However, if the site were being monitored, it would be the viewers of the cp who would attract scrutiny. If you did not access the cp portion, there should be no legal issues.

If the FBI or other law enforcement agency does contact you, legal counsel is strongly suggested. Your state and local bar associations can assist you with referrals.

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i always assumed that once you visited the site then youre busted. i honesly didnt even know it was it was a cp site., or an imageboard full pedophiles.


I agree with Mr. Langer.

If I were in your shoes and law enforcement contacted me about this, I would immediately invoke my right to counsel before answering any questions. Some of the child pornography laws overlap and they are very aggressive. A conviction--even a plea bargain something that seems innocuous--runs a risk of being labeled a sex-offender. With stakes that high, I would immediately hire an experienced attorney and follow her advice very carefully.

Good luck!

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