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Im i being blackmailed? and what can i do about it if i am

Columbus, OH |

My ex boyfriend is demanding money from me because i gave him an STD that i didn't even know i had. At first he was asking me for $500 then went $700 because i wasnt paying him or paying him fast enough.
his pawned my some of my stuff and is threatening unless i pay him

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Potentially. If he is threatening to expose that fact to people then it could be considered extortion, which is a felony in the third degree. Look at revised code. 2905.11 at for a start. I would contact your local prosecutor's office and see if there is anything that they could do about starting or following up with a criminal investigation regarding that and the stuff that he pawned, and could give you an idea about how to follow up with the shop that bought your goods which were stolen.

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