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Im disabled and want to know if my apartment complex can charge me for my emotional/therapy support animal?

Fairborn, OH |

Apt. allows pets. But charges for pets. Is it legal to charge me for my support dog?? She isn't a pet.
She's a "reasonable accommodation"

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Pet fees cannot be charged for service animals. Landlords who have a "no pets" policy cannot refuse to allow a disabled person to have a service animal. 24 CFR § 100.204(b). As you pointed out, pursuant to federal law, a landlord must make a "reasonable accommodation" to allow a disabled tenant to use and enjoy a dwelling on an equal basis with tenants who are not disabled. 42 U.S.C. § 3604(f)(3)(B)

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I agree with the previous answer and you should not be charged a fee for service animal.
Good Luck

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