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Im accused of attempted murder on my son by his mom so I cant see him. How do I defend myself with these lies & no lawyer?

Las Vegas, NV |

She claims I tried to drown the child cause I did want to pay child support which is an outrageous lie. She claims this only after I am filing for visitation & readjustment of child support. She claims this happened in February of 2013 but there is no police report or anything of that nature. She now also claims that my mother & I are drug dealers. The fact is im an out of work carpenter who has never been in trouble except a DUI I got in 2004, 8 years before our child was born. She has atempted suicides & stalking charges in the more recent past and is currently on pain killers & has been for a long time. Our son was born addicted to her pills & was on methadone for the first 14 days of his life. CPS was not involved cause she had a prescription for them. What do I do with no lawyer?

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The only sane answer is to get a lawyer. You shouldn't attempt your own brain surgery, either, and this is about that category of case.


I agree. With these sorts of serious allegations, it is a good idea to obtain counsel to best represent your interests. At the very least, you should seek a consultation with an experienced custody attorney to more fully explore the facts specific to your case and provide you with detailed information.


Although I agree with both answers, you may also want to contact the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada and determine if you qualify for pro bono services. Another option may be to borrow money from family and friends to cover the legal fees. A case like this screams for an attorney to protect your interests.


I don't understand why you wouldn't do everything in your power to get the resources together for a lawyer. There are extremely serious allegations going both ways.

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