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Im about to pick out my jury.

Fairfield, CA |

i have never got offered any deal i got an under the influence while on court probation and am getting 90 days in jail. my test supposlely came back possitive but ive never seen it .my pd is saying i have no chance of winning . i tried refusing the test and they took my blood against my consent.the cops were origanallky called for a suspicious man in a yard stripping copper wire . i was in my friends yard and i have a friend who is an electrician who gave it to me.they end up taking my wire and me to jail and never charging me for the wire and forcing me to give blood after me telling them no cause i have a phobia of needles . doesw this seem right

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You need to have a good long talk with your defense attorney because if it is as you say, and you're not leaving anything out, you might have some "play" in this case. Your attorney should show you the results of the blood test at the very least. If you can't get some time with your attorney, call his/her supervisor and ask for a consultation. You can't make informed decisions on your case unless you know what the evidence is against you and how your attorney assesses that evidence.

If you can't get a hold of anyone to get that consultation in private with your lawyer, before the jury pool is summoned to the courtroom, politely and respectfully ask the court to direct your attorney to give you a half hour of his/her time because you haven't consulted with him and haven't seen the evidence. Some judges may shut you down and shut you up; others may require your attorney to confer with you. If the judge seems rude to you, don't be surprised - he'll think you're just trying to delay things.

Good luck.


It is unclear what exactly you are asking. If you were arrested on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance you would have been subject to a DRE investigation and providing a sample of your urine or blood to determine if the substance was in your blood.

A conviction for Health and Safety 11550 carries a minimum 90 day sentence if convicted.


You have an attorney. If you are not satisfied with the public attorney you will need to pay money and hire a private attorney.
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