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Im a live in nanny, am I allowed to take couple hours off to go to church? They're giving me a problem bout it..

Sherman Oaks, CA |
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If your employer has 5 or more employees you may have a potential claim but with less than 5 employees you don't get much protection, except for issues involving proper payment of wages, including meal and rest periods, overtime...

Best of luck.


You have rights under both statutory, which provide for an award of attorneys fees, and constitutional rights. The statutory rights as an employee require at least 5 employees. However, even if your employer has less than 5 employees, you have rights under the California constitution.

If your employer is requiring you to be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the employer should be paying you for that time.

If your employer has 5 or more employees, you can file a FREE complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing at:

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