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Im a 26 yr old female and i was charged with petty larceny about one month ago. this is my first criminal charge.

Oklahoma City, OK |

i'm currently unemployed and im seeking employment. what should or can i do to get this off my record? i've never been in trouble before and i dont have much money for an attorney!

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This being your first charge, you will most likely be offered a deferred sentence, which is not a conviction. If successful with the probation, the case will be dismissed. Depending on where you court is - will determine if you will need to get a lawyer. Most municipal courts don't require you to get one. Most state courts do. Just keep shopping around.
You cannot get it off your record until you have resolved the charges, which inlcudes completing any probation. Once that has passed, you shop around for an attorney to expunge.

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Sonja is correct but if you are looking for a full expungement of the charges, there are certain requirements that must be met. For a full expungement, the charge must be dismissed within one year of the crime occurring. Thus, a standard deal of a one year deferred would not be expungement eligible when coming off the deferred. There are several attorneys in okc that offer low payment plans that can assist you.

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