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Im 52 been married 37 years i filed unreconsiaible div. he filed contested been going on for three years 7/01/2011 went to court

Beaumont, TX |

and by the time he got there judge granted me the div. after the matter standing in hall way asking my lawyer questions he arrived lawyer told me to leave buliding he went in talked with the judge now my divorce is not granted and he did not have a lawyer with him just his mom my question is how can they reversed this without me being there attorney told me no matter what he was not there he new the time and date he is supposed to pay me spousel support i have never worked in my life he has not follwed the court order when i frist filed now attorney is on a month vaction and i'm still at square 1 why is this?i feel like she has not represented me right paid cash in full and still not divorce .

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It sounds like your current attorney is the only one that can answer those questions. I would talk to your attorney and have a honest conversation and explain all of your concerns.

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