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Im 48years old and have finally found my biological father, also finding out he owns about 8 realestate propertys other...

Oklahoma City, OK |

then the $374,000.00 home he lives in with his wife and one brother I know of. He married my mother when she was 16 years old, he being 23 and then decides after they find out they are pregnant, he needs to leave and find work never comes back! Isn't he responsible for something after all these years? I would think not only for a few years back child support but for all my mother and I's pain and suffering?

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Oklahoma domestic law does not provide for pain and suffering and unless there was a child support order, I think you will have a hard time collecting for support that would have ended 30 years ago.

Moreover, your mother would have to be the one to push the child support issue as she is the one with standing.

Interesting question though....did he ever divorce your mother? If not, then he may be guilty of bigamy.

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