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Im 24 now when i was a baby the doctor messed up my circumcision and i almost bled to death is it to late to file a suit?

Kalamazoo, MI |

I just found out from a long talk with my mom. I finally told her i was trying to have a kid and i have been unsuccessful. She told me that the doctor who circumsized me cut to far and told her there was a strong possibility that i won't be able to produce children. I am suffering knowing that i may not be able to have children.

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Sorry to hear about your situation. It is my understanding that you has until the age of 19 to file a malpractice suit against your pediatrician. You should verify this with a local personal injury attorney.

Good luck.

DISCLAIMER: David J. McCormick is licensed to practice law in the State of Wisconsin and this answer is being provided for informational purposes only because the laws of your jurisdiction may differ. This answer based on general legal principles and is not intended for the purpose of providing specific legal advice or opinions. Under no circumstances does this answer constitute the establishment of an attorney-client relationship.


I'm not a Michigan lawyer, but I strongly suspect your statute of limitations has long passed.


I am not licensed in Michigan, but it appears your claim is barred by the applicable statute of limitations, which reads:

In the case of a minor under eight years of age, the action must be commenced by the minor’s 10th birthday or within two years of the date of the injury, whichever time period is greater. Additionally, in cases where a minor under 13 suffers an injury to the reproductive system, the action must be filed by the minor’s 15th birthday or within the general two-year medical malpractice statute of limitations, whichever time period is greater. In all other medical malpractice cases involving minors under 18, the minor has one year after his or her birthday to file suit, but in no event less than two years after the date of the act giving rise to the injury occurred.
You can consult a local medical malpractice attorney to be sure.


Probably too late. Why dont you call a malpractice attorney? Also, how does a messed up circumcision make you sterile? Have you been examined by a doctor to confirm this?

You should consult an attorney in your State at once. Visit our webpage and tell us what you think.

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