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Im 17 and i got in a fight at school the other girl is also 17. we were both arrested. how much trouble am i in?

Dalton, GA |

My court date is coming up and im scared of what to say ive never been in trouble. i did hit her first. but it was a slap. open handed. and then she punched me. what kind of fines am i looking at?

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You are both adults now, so there is an arrest on your record. The "trouble" you are in is that you could either end up with a conviction on your record, too, or on probation and then screw up on probation. A first time battery charge is otherwise not all that serious and is VERY unlikely to end up with any jail time. A private attorney, if your family can afford one, can help you get the best result possible; if your family cannot afford one, PLEASE ask the Court to be represented by a public defender. Good luck and don't get in any more fights; its not worth it.

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Under Georgia law, you will both be treated as adults in the criminal system. If this is your first arrest, you may be eligible to participate in a pre-trial diversion program that could allow you to avoid having a criminal conviction and if successfully completed, may allow you to apply for expungement of the arrest record. Pre-trial diversion must be offered to you by the prosecutor, it is not required by Georgia law. You need to hire an attorney who is experienced in criminal defense to properly represent you and obtain the best possible outcome, which in your case would be expungement. If you do not enter a pre-trial diversion program, you will likely be ineligible for expungement because your case has been accused. Even if you proceed to trial and the case is either dismissed or you are acquitted, the arrest would remain on your record. Best of luck!