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Im 16 years old and i dont want to live here no more with my mom and step dad. what do i do?

Alliance, OH |

im 16 years old and i dont know how to deal with this. my step dad emotionaly abuses me and when i try and talk to my mom i just get yelled at. i met my real dad over the summer about a year ago. seen him a cupple times in person. i try my hardes in school and its hard going home and just geting yelled at or hideing in my room all day. please help me. or help me what i can do?i just want to be with my real dad.

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Filed under: Child support
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You cannot choose where you live. If you believe you are in danger, you should speak with a trusted teacher or counselor. You can also contact your local children services agency and see if the social worker believes that there is an issue that they could help with.

As to living with your father, if he desires for you to live with him, then he can go to court and file an action for such. If he doesn't go to court, it doesn't mean he may not want you to live with him, just that he is unable to properly met your needs to show a court that he should get you. Especially if your mother would fight him on such. He may also be behind in child support which the judge would hold against him.

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