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Im 16 and pregnant my boyfriend is 18 we have been going out for 3 years my parents are ok about it can he get arrested for this

Dos Palos, CA |

the doctor is going to do a police report is he in trouble?

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Yes. But if your parents agree to let you marry him then he cannot.

The doctor is required to make a police report.

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Yes he can get arrested for that, i.e., unlawful sexual intercourse. Even if you marry him as my colleague suggests since you started having sex when you were 13 he may have serious criminal liability under the PC 288 set of statutes.

Your parents should be the ones charged and they may well be.


The doctor has no choice but to report the fact. He is a mandatory reporter.
I think everybody in this mess is going to need an attorney.
You because you are going want not to testify against both your boyfriend or your parents. As I doubt you can or would be prosecuted for anything, you cannot assert the privilege under the 5th amendment against testifying. You may decide that you do not want to have a prosecution pursued. The cops will say they need you to coperate. They do but you do not have to.

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