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Im 16 and pregnant. i want/need to get emancipated because when im around my family i suffer with mental abuse from them.

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My family calls me stupid and pretty much everything in the book. I've looked and looked for an answer but can't find one. The father of the baby wants to be there for me and the child but my mom won't allow it. She wants him to stay as far away as possible. I want him in the baby's life since i didn't grow up with a father i want different for my child. The father is trying to get two jobs on top of going to school to help with the baby but my family doesn't want to hear anything about him. And just keeps me at a distance. I understand that its a lot to take in but i think we need to rational about everything.

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You should consult with a local attorney and provide them all the facts about the mental/emotional abuse that you feel you are experiencing. At first blush, considering the few facts that you have presented, I do not think a judge would grant you emancipation. Emancipation is a remedy preserved for instances where it is necessary that the minor sign a contract for some reason, either to live independently due to abuse, or to buy or sell property. While the court may likely be sympathetic to your situation, it does not appear that your family abuses you to the point that moving out is necessary for your safety.


Once the child is born the father could file a petition to establish paternity and for visitation. If he is truly the father you should also put his name on the birth certificate.

Once the court finds that he is the father the court can order visitation and thus your mother etc. would not be able to keep him away from his child.

The answering of this question does NOT establish an attorney\client relationship. If you wish to hire me call me and we will talk about it, but as of now, I am NOT your attorney. My answers are intended for educational purposes only.


Based upon fthe information given, I think you have a difficult case for emancipation as you have not way to support yourself and the new baby. I know this place is for legal advice, but let me tell you that in all of the years of my practice what I have learned, "If your parents and friends do not like the person you have chosen, chances are they see something you can't or won't. Your family and friends do not have any interest but to see you happy." Anytime you have to depend on another for your source of living is a warning sign of trouble to come. I would suggest your boyfriend file a Petition for Paternity to establish his rights and pay you support so that you can get on your own two feet. Good luck to you.

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