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Im 16 and i want to leave home what do i do

Big Sandy, MT |

I i dont like arguments we get into and im ready to move out!

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You are of the age where you are preparing to separate from your parents and conflict is inevitable. What is most important is how you handle it. You can be caught up in pride and quarrels or you can work on learning to handle conflict in a mature way.
However, if you are prepared to support yourself and finish school on your own, you could consider emancipation. Another option is to make arrangements to live with a relative or friend of the family until you are 18. That may be more acceptable to your parents. Sit down with them and talk about something important and avoid being drawn off into disagreement about past grievances.

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You should not make this decision lightly. Arguments are not a good reason to leave the care of your parents. You should consider other options at this point. If there is a necessity of leaving, then you have to go through emancipation proceedings.

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