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Im 15 and was charged for possession of marijuana in boise, idaho. what should i expect in court?

Boise, ID |

oh and when the cops were talking to me i asked for a phone call (before they arrested me) and they said no.
i only had about 1.3 grams. and this is the first time i have ever got in trouble with the law.

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Attorney answers 2


Most likely you will be offered what is called a "diversion" where you have the chance to get the charges dismissed completely if you complete some general requirements such as attending a substance abuse class and doing some community service. I should say this depends on your prior record and whether you have been offered a diversion in the past.


I agree with Mr. Crafts. This sounds like a textbook case for diversion. I'd recommend discussing the matter with an attorney to file discovery and review what evidence the state has against you. You can get a good lawyer to represent you for $500-$800.

However, if that attorney finds that there aren't any real 4th Amendment issues involved after reviewing your case and the state basically has you dead to rights as it were, then he's not going to do anything you can't do for yourself. Unless there's something here that you aren't telling then you should ask the prosecutor about diversion. If he doesn't offer it you absolutely need to get a lawyer.