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Im 14 can i get a restraining order against my dad

Huntsville, AL |

My parents are divorced and im living with my Mom but when i go visit my dad he can get really mean.I love him cause he's my dad but I dont feel safe being around him.I know if I do this I wont beable to see him anymore,but im more conserned about my safety.The reason I want a restraining order is mainly because he threatens me and calls me and my mom bad names..

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Until you become an adult or become emancipated, you are considerd incompetent by the courts as a result of your age. You need to discuss these matters with your mother who is responsible to take steps to protect you.

If you are abused, hit, assaulted when you are with your father, you should have a plan with your mother as to steps to be taken, such as calling 911.

I would suggest that your mother contact a family law attorney and get a 30 minute free consultation. it is important that she take steps NOW.

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Your mother can file a petition to terminate his visitation rights or to ask that his visitation be supervised based on his abusive behavior. Your mother will need to go see an attorney to start that process. If your mother is unwilling or unable to do this, then you may want to discuss the issue with your school counselor. Depending on the circumstances, the school counselor may make a report to the police for them to investigate the abuse.

If you are ever in a situation where you are being physically abused, call 911 right away.

Good luck to you.