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Illegal immigrant with children wishes to marry mother of kids, what to do?

Chesapeake, VA |

been with mom of kids for 3 years; she didnt know he was illegal when they got involved; now they are in love.

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You need to give more information, particularly the way the person entered the country. Feel free to contact me at the below for a FREE consultation.
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Misiti Global, PLLC.
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Whether or not you can sponsor your husband (or Husband to be), will depend on a number of facts. Assuming the following facts, your Husband may be qualified to be sponsored: 1) He entered the US with inspection / with a valid visa OR he or one of his parents were sponsored for a green card before April 30, 2001; 2) He does not have any prior criminal history; 3) he did not lie on any prior entry or application; 4) there is a sponsor that can show financial ability to support your husband (not including the Husband's illegal income). These are just guidelines and a full review needs to be done by an experienced immigration attorney.

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