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Illegal Eviction

Houston, TX |

I am renting an apartment and on monday the manager came to my hjouse and said the constable are here to move your things out I notified her that i havent been served any legal documents she said you were served about 20 mins later a constable came and removed my property I called the sarget over the constable and she said i was served proper papers about an hour after they left with my property the constable informed me that they made a mistake on the civil side of the law and they will be returning my property when they finished inventory of my property about a week after they returned my property my things were damaged broken and my brand new living room set had my sons bike on top of it which left it damaged ......PLEASE help me what should I do ? The sargent apologized for their mistake but im left with damaged property and a traumatized child due to them taking his toys away in his face!

I have the paperwork with the time stamps on it to show they were wrong and pictures of how they damaged and tore up my apartment!

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Attorney answers 1


To some extent it is going to depend upon who was at fault, the constable, the court or the apartments. Take your evidence to an attorney for review. Many offer free consultations to determine your legal options. It is possible that you can recover damages, as well as attorney fees. Good luck.