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Ignore an out-of-state speeding ticket?

Wayland, NY |

I live and have a Nevada driver license and got a speeding ticket in the state of New York. What happens if I don't respond?

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Most times when a person gets a ticket they are released upon their own recognizance to show up for court on a certain by signing the ticket and without a bond. If they fail to show up, then the court will typically issue a warrant for their arrest, raise the ticket amount and perhaps issue a new charge for failure to appear. The court typically notifies the state department of public safety or DMV of the unpaid ticket and, even though an out of state party, the DPS/DMV will likely revoke or suspend the person's driving privilege inside that state until the ticket is paid. If the ticketing state is part of the National Drivers License Compact (which New York and Nevada are), then they will communicate this suspension/revocation to the individual's home state and the licensing state will most times honor the ticketing state's action against the licensee until the unpaid ticket is squared away.

Believe or not I just had the same situation happen to me as a result of a speeding ticket I received in Las Vegas and I didn't get it handled in time before the court date. I would suggest that you do what I did and contact a local (to the ticket) lawyer who handles traffic matters and let them give you some guidance as to how to proceed. Good luck and my very best regards.