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Ignition interlock device

La Verne, CA |

I live in LA County. I am aware I will need to install an IID for 5 months. Question is when? I am due to be able to get a restricted license next week. I have filed an sr-22 and enrolled in a DUI program. Do i need to install the IID prior to my appointment to reissue my license? My court date is still over a month away. I have heard conflicting stories and just a legit answer. I need to drive for work and the past 30 days without driving has hurt me tremendously financially. Thank you

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Attorney answers 1


First, if you had a qualified dui attorney on your case, call them, as they will be in a much better position to answer your question. With that being said, DMV does not always enforce their own rules. When they don't enforce the it is the result of an oversight, and therefor often difficult to predict what DMV will do. While I certainly don't suggest you drive to such an appointment, you may consider applying for your license without the interlock installed. If they decline to issue you a license, have somebody else drive your car to have one installed. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen