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If your public defender is too busy to get you a bond reduction hearing can we hire an attorney just for a bond hearing

Marshall, NC |

My girlfriend has a public defender who is simply overloaded that we feel he is neglecting us & his other clients too we have requested a bond hearing for over a month now he wont even return our calls or even show up for court the last two times(family emergency fist time sick the second!)!! Someone told us for that we could hire an attorney for a couple hundred dollars at the most to represent her for solely a bond hearing, is this true? We live in madison county nc..thanks for your time

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I will of course defer to responses you receive from attorneys licensed in NC. One concern I have with that idea is that it could have a negative impact on continued eligibility for the PD. Second, in my opinion, you need to address this plan with the PD before proceeding in this fashion. Third, I would have your girlfriend send through you a letter to the PD stating what she would like him to do and her concerns about the seeming lack of attention to the matter. I would send it by regular mail and by certified return receipt requested. Lastly, talk to one or more local attorneys about that idea and if one is willing to do it leave the logistics to that lawyer. Good luck.


I agree with Attorney Jones. Having the funds to hire private counsel, even just for a bond hearing, may impact future eligibility for public defender services. It will also, in all liklihood, piss off the judge and prosecutors. Talk to the public defender representing your girlfriend and express your concerns.


First, I'm not sure that there are attorneys who will do a bond hearing for a couple hundred dollars. Second, a judge might not allow the attorney to appear for the sole purpose of addressing bond. The judge may either require the attorney to make a general appearance for the whole case (which an attorney would not do for a couple hundred dollars) or might not wish to hear from the attorney.

Sometimes an attorney will make an appearance at a first appearance on a limited basis, but this is usually because the family is still trying to come up with money to fully retain a lawyer. That practice varies by county in North Carolina.

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